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I am at a loss for words…have hardly slept in the past few days. I am still in disbelief as I read the charges handed down and what the SEC is claiming in their documents now posted on what used to be the COL corporate website.

I have tried to reach out to people I considered and believed were my “friends” in Commodities Online Florida Office since Saturday. I am not referring to the scumbags Lou Gallo, James Howard or Mike Casey…and yes, scumbags they are until they prove different.

I am referring to Tony Diamante, Martin Vegas, Ralph Lovulo, Andreas and the back office staff that aided these bastards in this theft, of not only money but our trust and good will. I have so many questions, as do all of you, that I want answered, hoping that “my friends”, whom I don’t want to believe knowingly helped perpetrate this scam, would take some time to help me understand.

All I get is silence…the doors are closed.

It’s like the whole bunch of them fell off the face of the earth.

I am feeling intensely violated, betrayed and increasingly angry as each and every call and email that goes unanswered.

It is quite obvious, now…what the punks at COL were up to all along. SEE HERE.

I am so disheartened and saddened at the events of the last few days…Even last Tuesday when I was talking with Tony Diamante, he – assured me that “all was fine, it was just a hiccup along the way, that the SEC report was going to be a green light that would allow growth and expansion of this company.” I recall feeling quite uneasy, that Tony was not being truthful, but I set it aside as perhaps stress and anxiety caused by the SEC investigation.

I should then and there have believed my instinctual gut feelings, he was lying to me…he knew the proverbial shit was going to hit the fan.


Where is Mike Casey?


I am absolutely devasted by what has transpired over the last 3 days…I have no words to describe my feelings when I opened my email on Saturday afternoon to find several messages calling for my attention to this article…which appeared in a local Fort Lauderdale newspaper.

I am calling for Mike Casey to stand up…

I am at wits end trying to understand how this happened and hoping that I will have answers within the next 24 hours…




Blog Down?


My apologies to anyone that missed my blog yesterday…I was transferring to a new hosting company, ran into tech problems…transferred back late last night…

Will be posting in the next day or two on anything new that comes up…No news is good news!

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Have a lovely weekend where ever you are!

Cheers. Derrick.

Facts…No Fiction


Quick FACTUAL update on what’s happening with the SEC investigation into Commodities Online…

* COL  and various individuals have recently received subpoenas from the SEC.
* COL is currently cooperating in this investigation.
* The investigation is a non-public fact-finding inquiry.
SEC is trying to determine whether there have been violations of federal securities laws.
The investigation and the subpoena does not mean that COL has broken any laws.
* COL was advised by THEIR attorneys to suspend all operations until the investigation is complete.
* COL has no complaints  lodged against it as an entity.
* No complaints lodged against any person in current management.
* SEC has not stopped COL from continuing business.
* There is no time line for SEC to complete investigation.
(Bureaucratic & govt. could take a while.)
* Hoping for a completion date – mid April.

Thats what I know today…I am in daily contact with COL management and will advise to any further news I receive.

Hang in there, I do believe that this is going to work out fine and we will be back in business soon.

Cheers. Derrick.

SEC Investigates Commodities Online…


I am going to keep this short and just post the facts as I know them today…Tuesday March 29/2011.

I happened to find out out about the Securities & Exchange Commission investigation into COL from readers of this blog over the weekend. Questions emailed to me caused concern, as I had not been notified by COL management of these developments and as you would well understand…I felt rather foolish as to not being able to address questions or concerns.

Yesterday, I was in contact with management and they were not able to enlighten me any further on the investigation or how long it would take to complete.

Below is an excerpt of an email that was sent out to investors by COL on Friday March 25th, which I did not personally receive…                     

“IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM COMMODITIES ONLINE The Company and various individuals have recently received subpoenas from the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) that were issued pursuant to a formal order of investigation that is being conducted from the Miami Regional office of the SEC. The company is currently cooperating in this investigation by producing documents in response to the subpoena and will continue to cooperate in producing additional documents as requested. The subpoena indicates that the investigation is a non-public fact finding inquiry and that the SEC is trying to determine whether there have been violations of federal securities laws. The investigation and the subpoena does not mean that Commodities On Line has broken any law. While this investigation is ongoing no additional subscriptions will be accepted and no further funds will be accepted. Moreover, until further notice, no more cash out requests will be processed.”

Please direct all your questions or concerns to the customer service number at 877-844-6190 or e-mail to

Is this going to be a bad ending to COL or will the SEC investigaton report finally clear all the negativity surrounding Commodities Online?

I do believe that the SEC stepping in at this time will result in a clean and sobering report that should shut up the detractors and naysayers once and for all…time will tell.

I will be posting updates as info becomes available. Hang in there fellow subscribers, I think we will get a glowing green light to move forward in due course…I pray.

Cheers. Derrick.


Global Reach & Growth Astounds CEO, Mike Casey


Well, time marches on and here we are, 14 months later and Commodities Online is doing better than the best predictions by management and pundits…Latest press release on March 15, 2011 attests…

“Commodities Online movess on towards offering its subscription-based investment service worldwide. Currently, Commodities Online has subscribers in Australia, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, Finland, Georgia, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela and the list continues to grow daily.

In addition, the company’s subscription base has grown by almost 50% in just the first two months of 2011. Subscribers to Commodities Online are able to access a confidential portion of the company’s website where they can invest in pre-sold commodities contracts (also referred to as buy-sell agreements)”.

Michael R. Casey, President of Commodities Online, observed:
“We are gratified by the response we have received in so many countries. We look forward to becoming a viable investment alternative for sophisticated investors worldwide.”

Commodities Online was launched in January 2010 and offered its first two contracts, Tuna and Red Snapper, in February of 2010. Since then, Commodities Online has offered and paid a total of 48 contracts. All completed contracts have returned the promised levels of profit to the investors.

The regulatory filings in relation to these contracts, each of which constitutes a separate private placement of securities, can be viewed by accessing the Securities and Exchange Commission website.

Each and every contract is registered with the SEC and can be viewed by any body, anywhere in the world. If you are needing more information on how to get started please contact me…A quick reminder…If for any reason you do not like the returns on your minimal investment of just $5000, Commodities Online offers a 100% money back guarantee…

That is, your $2000 subscription fee, your $5000 investment, and any and all profits you may make while with the company…YOU have ABSOLUTELY nothing to lose…in fact you WILL walk away with more than you put into the subscription…

Contact me and I will help you understand why Commodities Online is the ultimate low risk, zero speculation investment opportunity online today! The ultimate “game changer” for investors in commodities and futures…