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I have been self-employed my entire life, and have been an active investor for more than 20 years. From real estate, angel investing for new start ups, stocks and potential IPO’s, I’ve made money on some and have also lost more than 7 figures on just one deal as well.

I was introduced to Commodities Online through a lifelong friend whom I do trust. However, because of my history with investments, I still practiced due-diligence and have had numerous conversations with the CEO and CFO. I am 100% comfortable with the funds I have invested in these contracts. I’ve invested in at least 10 contracts that all paid out when they were expected to, and have also withdrawn funds without incident. It works just like I was told it would work.

It truly is the first time in my life where I feel that I’m not speculating. I am given the choice of which buy/sell contracts with pre-determined profits I’d like to participate in. No guess work, hoping I made the right choice or speculating. I like it a lot!

Dave G, London, Ontario, December 2010

When I contacted my previous broker to close my account, he responded, “Why would you want to do that?” I said, “Gee, maybe it’s got something to do with being able to make more money in a month than you have all year.”

Kelly C, Cypress, TX, December 2010

Commodities Online is a company that matches a producer with a buyer of a commodity. We have always been told to never take delivery of a commodity contract because we would then have to store the product. However, if you own an iron mine, you always need to find buyers to keep your business going. My uncle had cows, the milk was picked up and delivered to the dairy, so this concept is not new. You don’t need to worry about commodities (or stocks) going up or down. The deal is cut and the product is delivered.

What is new is this company. They are small and growing. They have in place the suppliers, legal and accounting. They then find buyers and investors. That is where we come in. Commodities Online provides us a great place to invest! The returns are great! You have a chance to invest in a start up. The deals are registered with the SEC, you can verify the deals. The 100 or so employees who started with Steve Jobs did so with the promise of stock. When AAPL went public, 100 employee became millionaires that day. We won’t do that well; however, we can do quite well.

Don’t be surprised if you get an e-mail from the Comptroller or the COO answering a question. That’s how start-up companies work.

I have made 3 or 4 suggestions – web, information , etc. We now get updates on our deals. The point being, they listen. It’s easy to select deals and then invest in new deals.

My only complaint is that they didn’t start a year earlier.

Bob, Moorpark, CA, December 2010

I have been involved with Commodities Online, LLC since its inception. I have invested in several contracts with great success. Placing an order is very easy to do, as well as re-investing or cashing out. I have spoken to several staff members and they were always very courteous and eager to answer any questions that I had. This program is one of the best investment on the market today. I am glad that I was introduced to it.

Ann M., Aledo, TX, December 2010

It’s really unbelievable that I am getting this kind of return on my money and it’s so easy. I was skeptical at first but the more I learned about Commodities Online, the more trust I have gained with this unique company. I get so excited every time I get a payout, it’s not only easy to do, it’s a lot of fun. As far as I know, there has not been one contract that has not paid out as stated in the beginning. The great thing is the minimal risk. Keep it up Commodities Online, I look forward to many successful years ahead and thanks for such a great opportunity.

Stacy Johnson, December 2010

I have been involved in Securities Investing for many years. I was introduced to Commodities Online and physical commodities almost a year ago. I have nothing but praise for this company and the simplicity of their investing activity to accomplish my financial goals.

Anthony D., New Castle, DE, December 2010

I started investing in Commodities Online in March and to date it has been a profitable and positive experience. (I can’t get this type of return on my rental property, and it’s a whole lot easier than dealing with leaky toilets!)

Kay L., Dallas, TX, November 2010

“I have had nothing but positive experiences with Commodities Online so far. I truly thank you for this “one of a kind” opportunity and I hope that you are around for many years to come!”

Stan S, Charleston, SC, November 2010

“It is my pleasure to comment on my experience with Commodities Online. First and foremost is the fact that my profit withdrawal has been efficient and speedy. I have always been treated with the utmost respect as answers to all my questions have been answered in a truly professional manner. I have seen a huge growth in the company since I was introduced to this unique and lucrative investment. If the short history is any indication of the future, my life will certainly take a dramatic change for the better. Keep up the good work!”

Rudolph K, Reading, PA, November 2010

I want to thank you for the marvelous return on our investments with your company. I am equally impressed with the professional, prompt and courteous staff that I have had the pleasure of interfacing. These men and women, from the sales and customer service to the management levels, have always been most helpful.

My wife was skeptical until she saw the month after month profits and she was impressed at how fast and easily Commodities Online processed our request to send money back to us. Your website is so user friendly (complete with tutorials) it is simple for us to send money to our account and invest in your presold commodity of our choice (we particularly like the Iron Ore and Copper Ore contracts).

We are so impressed that we now have transferred our IRAs, where it mostly lost money, to Commodities Online where we have profited continuously as much as 7% and higher in a given month on our entire account – more than we ever profited with conventional brokerage accounts.

Please keep up the good work for us and our friends who are fast becoming your clients.

Samuel P, First Coast, Florida, November 2010

I started with COLLC in the beginning. Although an online service, the staff has always answered all of my questions and concerns. There are professional, knowledgeable people who just keep improving the service.

Like all investors, I want the most stable investment – highest return ratio available, backed by a company of the best professionals in the industry. Commodities Online has certainly proven itself to me to be just that.

Joel A., Tampa Bay, FL, November 2010

A great opportunity to achieve financial independence!

JMW, Liberty, MO, November 2010

I have been a subscriber since August of 2010. Originally I was skeptical since I have always believed, “If it’s too good to be true it usually is.” I had been watching friends who have been participating since early spring. After much due diligence, I felt comfortable with the company, the concept and management team behind the helm. After my initial investment I have realized some of the best returns in my life. I know of no other investment that has measured risk with such high returns. I want to thank Commodities Online for providing me a vehicle that will allow me to retire with enough time to enjoy my life.

Larry S., Plano, TX, November 2010

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