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Facts…No Fiction


Quick FACTUAL update on what’s happening with the SEC investigation into Commodities Online…

* COLĀ  and various individuals have recently received subpoenas from the SEC.
* COL is currently cooperating in this investigation.
* The investigation is a non-public fact-finding inquiry.
SEC is trying to determine whether there have been violations of federal securities laws.
The investigation and the subpoena does not mean that COL has broken any laws.
* COL was advised by THEIR attorneys to suspend all operations until the investigation is complete.
* COL has no complaintsĀ  lodged against it as an entity.
* No complaints lodged against any person in current management.
* SEC has not stopped COL from continuing business.
* There is no time line for SEC to complete investigation.
(Bureaucratic & govt. could take a while.)
* Hoping for a completion date – mid April.

Thats what I know today…I am in daily contact with COL management and will advise to any further news I receive.

Hang in there, I do believe that this is going to work out fine and we will be back in business soon.

Cheers. Derrick.

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