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I am at a loss for words…have hardly slept in the past few days. I am still in disbelief as I read the charges handed down and what the SEC is claiming in their documents now posted on what used to be the COL corporate website.

I have tried to reach out to people I considered and believed were my “friends” in Commodities Online Florida Office since Saturday. I am not referring to the scumbags Lou Gallo, James Howard or Mike Casey…and yes, scumbags they are until they prove different.

I am referring to Tony Diamante, Martin Vegas, Ralph Lovulo, Andreas and the back office staff that aided these bastards in this theft, of not only money but our trust and good will. I have so many questions, as do all of you, that I want answered, hoping that “my friends”, whom I don’t want to believe knowingly helped perpetrate this scam, would take some time to help me understand.

All I get is silence…the doors are closed.

It’s like the whole bunch of them fell off the face of the earth.

I am feeling intensely violated, betrayed and increasingly angry as each and every call and email that goes unanswered.

It is quite obvious, now…what the punks at COL were up to all along. SEE HERE.

I am so disheartened and saddened at the events of the last few days…Even last Tuesday when I was talking with Tony Diamante, he – assured me that “all was fine, it was just a hiccup along the way, that the SEC report was going to be a green light that would allow growth and expansion of this company.” I recall feeling quite uneasy, that Tony was not being truthful, but I set it aside as perhaps stress and anxiety caused by the SEC investigation.

I should then and there have believed my instinctual gut feelings, he was lying to me…he knew the proverbial shit was going to hit the fan.


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  1. 2011/04/05 17:55

    South Florida Business Journal has more of the names involved.

  2. Kevin permalink
    2011/04/05 14:13

    I believe the SEC is equally liable since they knew in advance this was a scam, yet they allowed the company to advertise the SEC website on their site. This caused many investors to feel safe.

    The SEC did the exact same thing in the Madoff scam. They were told it was a ponzi, yet did nothing until many more investors got hurt.

    In my book, the SEC is equally liable for damages.

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