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Read This At Your Own Risk…


As of today, Feb 17th, 2011 this company, GROUPON, a “deal of the day” website that offers 50% or more discounts from local stores in your city, town or neighbourhood is less than 30 months old and the stats are “too good to be true”, but that’s the point…they are true and they read as follows…

One guys idea.
Launched Nov. 2008.
Just 50 users in first month of operation.
Started with $1 Million in seed money.
Serves over 150 markets in the USA.
Serves over 100 markets abroad.
Realized in excess of $700 Million in profits so far.
Has over 40 Million registered users.
April 2010 – valued at $1.35 Billion.
Turned down offer from Yahoo for $3 Billion.
Dec. 29th. 2010 – Turned down $5.3 Billion offer from Google.
Dec. 29th. 2010 company valued at $6.4 Billion.
Preparing an IPO for later in 2011 for $15 Billion.

Now, here’s the thing, up and until a few days ago, I had never heard of this company and I daresay, unless you’re a single professional female (70% of their users) you may not have heard of GROUPON either.

The idea is simple, stupid…basically a “word of mouth” recommendation on steroids, delivering pumped up over the top sales to and for the participating store…Here’s basically how it works.

Users sign up as members anywhere in the world, once critical mass membership is reached in a specific market, GROUPON sales and marketing people approach stores with an offer… “How would you like to sell more of any one particular product in one day than you sell all year, and have it cost you less than a month of your current advertising and marketing budget?”

Who would say no to that?

Once a deal is struck, an email is sent out to the subscribed users and…Well, you guessed it…

Gap stores did a national “deal of the day” recently, sold 445,000 units in one day, their servers shut down.

The new coffee shop in Portland that on opening day, had over a thousand eager customers clamouring to get through the door…I can see that in my mind’s eye…freaking’ chaos!…that barista hightailed it out the back door when the espresso machine struck out, the owner and staff just about having heart attacks…a nightmare, if you ask me…too funny. Apologies for my absurd sense of humour here, but I have opened several restaurants and I can assure you, you do not want 1000 people coming through your door, on your first day of business…unless you’re Disney.

Quote – Forbes Magazine – “GROUPON is projecting that the company is on pace to make $1 Billion in sales faster than any other company, ever!”

So, you get the picture, right?

The point I am trying to make here is this…Thinking of past missed opportunities, how different my life would have been had I been aware of, or listened to good advice, and bought into Microsoft, Dell, Starbucks, Google, Facebook, AOL, etc…In some cases the people behind these companies were visionaries, for the most part…not…just ordinary people like you and I, in the right place at the right time and standing in front of their opportunity, having the insight and faith to proceed with their idea.

I wonder how many times Bill Gates was told – “it will never work”, whatever “it” was at the time…”It’s too good to be true” or when the Starbucks guys said…”We are going to open these funky little corner coffee shops and sell take out coffee for $4.95 a cup”, when a perfectly good cup of Joe was selling for less than a buck every where else.

The difference between us and them, I imagine, was their passion for what they were doing, and most important of all…they were in front of the opportunity. Call it an evolutionary process if you will, these phenomenal companies would have happened with or without them, and they have introduced us to the future…

In recent years I have become somewhat of an opportunist…actively looking for the “next big thing”, something I can get in front of, become involved in, and get swept along in the tidal wave to follow…

You are reading this blog today, I venture, because you too are looking for that one thing that can change your life forever…give you the lifestyle and peace of mind you dream of…to be free, to do what, when and where you want, whenever you want…

Listen to me, read closely and hear me…these opportunities exist…they are here now!

You can be part of this evolutionary process that is happening faster and faster with today’s technology.

The Commodities Online opportunity is one of these, an about to become a tidal wave phenomena, a get excited about now and get involved today must do…it’s working, its growing and I believe, will be a company that makes world headlines in time to come…Subscribe today, or at least learn more about this great investment vehicle here, or call me…for goodness sake, you have absolutely nothing to lose…I don’t want to be the one who says…I told you so a few years from now…just do it!

I am inviting you to look at another about to explode and erupt, passive income opportunity right here.

Do me a quick favour…read the first 3 paragraphs again, read them now before you read this…

I read somewhere some time ago, or maybe I said it, anyway, goes like this…”that there is nothing new in this world, just improvement, how it’s presented, packaged, conceptualised, realized and delivered”…”Word of mouth advertising” – nothing new about that, Right?

C’mon, you’ve thought about this, something along these lines…”What if…what if, I got paid for every time I raved about a place, a product, a movie, restaurant…and, what if I got paid for every person I told who raved about my raves to someone else and so on…”

Well…Now you can…

The Custome Advantage

TCA – The Customer Advantage – This Company is in pre-launch, it operates the same way as GROUPON, except for a very important MAJOR difference…that affects you in a very BIG way…

You sign up for free.
You never spend a dime unless you want to…
You tell your friends and they sign up too, and they tell their friends and so on…Just like the users have done on GROUPON…

Now, when this company launches in a few months and those 50% or more discounted “Deal of the Day” offers get emailed out to people that were directly or indirectly a recipient of your “rave”, who signed up as a user, under you… like a genealogy type tree system spreading across the globe…and they purchase the deal…You get paid!

You get paid a small commission for raving about TCA, they sign up, they buy, you get paid…simple as that!

It does not matter where they are or what they purchase – you get paid…

So, I am telling you here, I am inviting you to participate, no money spent, free to get in front of this massive opportunity…Just do it!!! I said that…

Go here; sign up now, it will take a few minutes of your time…look at the compensation plan available to you…get freaking excited…

This is not working…just do what you do everyday…tell people, RAVE about the opportunity…You will be very happy that you did…

By the way, if you are a regular reader you are probably be wondering, what the heck is Derrick doing here, where is he going with this…not the normal Commodities Online post…

As I mentioned in a past post, I was thinking of making this blog about passive investments and income opportunities, alternatives to Commodities Online. Passive income opportunities that I do due diligence on and then inform you, my reader about, as something to look at and get involved in.

Well, I have decided that I am keeping this blog only for pre sold physical commodities and that I will start a new blog about all the other good stuff I come across. This post is the introduction to that blog which will be up and running in a few weeks from now.

Thank you for your patience…thank you for reading…and Just Do It, already.

Be the Blessing.

Cheers. Derrick.

Great News!

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Hi there,

Here’s hoping that you are having a terrific day, today…and every other day for that matter.

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I will do a FREE one on one call (no obligations) with you and walk you through the process on how, what and why you should be investing in pre sold physical commodities contracts. This call is 30 – 45 minutes of your time and will change the way you think about investing forever…

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Do yourself a favour, take the time to learn about how you can earn a minimum 5% per month profit passively, in a self-directed, zero speculation and mitigated risk, minimal effort investment opportunity online.

Visit and sign up to learn more or leave a comment here and I will get back to you….Obviously you need to include your email…at the very least.

Be the Blessing, Cheers. Derrick

It Just happened Again


Three excellent things occurred in my life in the last few days…No specific order of importance…all good.

1. My new website specific to Commodities Online is up and you may view it here

2. Latest news from Commodities Online Corporate – Very good news indeed!
“You are receiving this email because you participated in the Iron Ore 14 contract.
We are happy to announce that the Iron Ore 14 contract is now complete!
We have initiated your payout of a 20% return in 72 days!”

3. Have A Facebook page dedicated to our great investment opportunity here.

Are you still sitting on the fence?
Let me know, let me help you understand if you are not getting it yet.
This is a great opportunity for you to make excellent passive income.

Be the Blessing. Cheers. Derrick.

This is what happens…


Below are two successful contracts that Commodities Online recently closed. I am ecstatic…

The best part of these other than the phenomenal ROI is that it took me all of 20 minutes to place my funds as a subscriber and I knew that it was going to be the time period posted, more or less, and that my profits would be in the realm of the results…so, a good reason to be…you can be too.

Getting paid - commodities online

07/01/2011 04:51 PM

Copper Ore Contract Payout

The Copper Ore Contract that closed on 9/24/2010 paid on 1/7/2011 (105 day completion time) at 33%!

Thats a 2.2% gain per week.

04/01/2011 06:03 PM

Iron Ore 13 Contract Payout

The Iron Ore 13 Contract that closed on 10/22/2010 paid on 1/4/2011 (74 day completion time) at 20%!

That’s 1.95% gain per week.

Be the Blessing! Cheers. Derrick

Attention Commodities Online Subscribers and Investors


Please accept my invitation to my new group with forum features. Check it out an please consider signing up and participating. This is Your place on the web to share ideas, voice concerns, ask questions and just generally hang out with fellow Commodities Online folks. I am looking forward to your feedback, comments and friendship. Click on  GROUP.

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Make It A Great Day!
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