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4 Investments for 2011


1. Bond Funds – According to Morningstar – One of the best places for bond funds in the last few years has been Templeton’s Global Bond fund, led by Michael Hasenstab. Since 2001, Mr. Hasenstab has averaged a very handsome 12% in annualized returns, far out-pacing the trend benchmarks.

The company avoids U.S. and Japanese government debt, liking the bonds of countries with low-debt levels and solid growth prospects, such as South Korea and Australia. Templeton’s has attracted more than $18 billion of new money this year, Miriam Sjoblom, analyst for Morningstar thinks it can keep succeeding. “This Analyst Pick shows no signs of slowing.”

2. Bear Funds – Be cautious with bear funds and if you are going to pursue this investment opportunity take a look at Federated’s Prudent Bear Fund managed by Doug Noland. Mr. Noland has averaged 4.2% per year over the last 10 years or so with a highlight in 2008 of 27%.

3. High Quality Stocks – If you insist that your portfolio must be diversified into stocks take a look at GMO out of Boston managed by Jeremy Grantham. Mr. Grantham has been advocating investing in high quality stocks for some time now and predicts a 4.7% return over the next seven years compared to a measly 1.2% return for the same period if you are into large cap U.S. stocks. Think Oracle, J&J, Wal-Mart and Microsoft.

4. Pre-Sold Physical Commodities Contracts – And I’m thinking…12% annualized returns with Templeton, 4.2% with the Prudent Bear Fund, on a relatively risky platform no matter what the record states or those high quality stocks with forecasts of 4.7% per year?

Commodities Online offers a unique and non traditional investment opportunity that since its inception in March 2010 has shown a consistent minimum return of 7% per month. That is not a typo…7% per month!

Invest in a high yield short term investment opportunity in minutes, know what you are going to earn before you invest with a stated approximate turn around time, your money is always liquid, there is no speculation and nothing to learn and absolutely no brokers fees or commissions.

I am flummoxed as to why there is any consideration of the first 3 investment options mentioned…

Cheers. Derrick.

Derrick Z. Venter
(T) + 27 072 105 9996
SKYPE: Derrickzv
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