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2011 – What’s predicted!


Will the world economy come out of the slump that has been a blight to most inhabitants on planet earth or are we headed for more doom and gloom, is the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel a faint flicker or is it about to go out completely.

Will the sky rocketing prices of commodities keep going up?

Whose to say what 2011 will bring? That would depend on who you are listening to or reading, I guess. US economy is about to be hammered even more by the expiration of the “Bush tax cuts”  this month when federal, state and local tax rates are scheduled to rise. Personal taxes up from 35% to 39.5%, dividend taxes increase from 15 percent to a ridiculous 39.6 percent, capital gains tax will  see an increase to 25% and estate taxes blow out from  zero to 55%. This, coupled with US state and local taxes makes for a very heavy burden indeed. Arthur Laffer, one of the top economists in the world today paints an awful picture with his predictions for the US economy in 2011…You want to ask yourself, how much worse can it get? WSJ (Wall Street Journal) has the full story here.

Read here what top financial experts have said recently.

World economy?  By some accounts we are headed into a financial and economic catastrophe of biblical proportions and the only cloud with a silver lining on the horizon is Asia, Russia and Brazil. The demand for commodities in those countries and the ever growing population with disposable income may prevent what some forecast could be the worst international financial and economic disaster ever.

I apologize for the opening negativity to my first post in 2011 but it is very relevant to the good news to follow…China has an insatiable appetite for iron ore and as you may well be aware Commodities Online has a partner-ship stake in an iron ore mine in Mexico which already has contracts with major Chinese manufacturers. The iron ore contracts that I have had the good fortune of participating in as a subscriber to Commodities Online have performed exceptionally well in 2010 and I believe that 2011 will be even better. In fact, an average 20% ROI in less than 90 days has been the benchmark set so far since Commodities Online took partnership in the Mexico mines.

New commodities contracts are scheduled to be introduced in 2011 and buyers are actively being pursued by Commodities Online in the aforementioned emerging markets. This means that you, as a subscriber and investor in this fantastic investment opportunity with Commodities Online stands to benefit yourself and your family in a secure, no hassle, zero speculation and I venture, zero risk passive income opportunity with exceptional growth and growing demand.

As for my 2010 with Commodities Online, I was going to post screenshots of my investment accounts but decided that if you are interested in seeing my phenomenal ROI you would need to email me for these records. I am gaurding this information on a need to know basis.

Here are six reasons you need to take a serious look at the Commodities Online Investment opportunity…

1. No commissions or broker’s fees.
2. Start earning immediately.
3. Know what your return will be before committing to a trade.
4. Liquidity of funds.
5. Money back gaurantee.
6. Simple – Point, Click, Earn.

I look forward to 2011 with Commodities Online and the low risk investment opportunity offererd to novice investors and seasoned veteran traders alike. This is an opportunity to invest in safe and secure pre-sold physical comm0dities contracts and is available to investors across the globe. Check it out! – there is nothing out there that I know of in the commodities investing or trading market that is as easy to do and as low risk as the Commodities Online investment opportunity.

If you are ready to invest and you are looking for a safe and secure investment vehicle, a “no gamble” alternative to all the other offers out there, please contact me and I will walk you through the process and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Finally, I wish for you and your family a propsperous and successful 2011 – Join me and the 500 plus and growing other investors that are seeing the fantastic returns in what I consider to be one of the best low risk passive income investment opportunities online.

If you are looking for a second income opportunity as a registered agent with Commodities Online please do not hesitate to contact me for relevant info. I am actively seeking motivated entrpreneurial minded self starters to join my team world wide.

Cheers. Derrick.

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