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Happy New Year!!!


I take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy new year weekend…

When you do have a little time to yourself and you are perhaps thinking of resolutions and reminescing about the past year or you whole life, for that matter…I ask you to consider, what I believe to be the most important resolution that one could possibly make looking forward into 2011. Forgive yourself…take a moment to reflect and really dig deep into your conscience and your heart…Forgive yourself for all and anything negative that has a hold on you…that causes you pain, embarrasment or heartache…be kind to your heart, your soul needs it.

Once you have, forgive others, forgive all and anyone that has ever hurt you, anyone that has ever maligned, lied,disputed,disrupted or caused you grief…you get my meaning. Set yourself free of the grudges and negative emotions…you will find this liberating, I promise you.

Look forward to your new year with hope and passion…life is what you make of it…a conscious decision to have a great day every morning is the opportunity that sets you up for good luck and positive interaction with your family, friends and the people you have to deal with every day…

I look forward to working with, advising and investing with you in 2011…Let’s make it a great year!!!

Cheers. Derrick.

PS: I will be posting the results of my year with Commodities Online in the next day or two…Been real busy…see you on the other side.

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