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Good News at Year End!


It’s that Good News time of year once again and I have some…

pre sold physical commodities contracts - good news!Here is the cherry on that chocolate sundae, should I say cherries, and forgive the analogy, but I really love chocolate and I love what Commodities Online has been doing for me lately…Kick off with good news surprise #1…open up my Commodities Online subscriber account back office yesterday and I have this to glean over…Sweet!

“The Iron Ore 12 Contract that closed on 10/11/2010 paid on 12/21/2010 (71 day completion time) at 20%!”

A beautiful thing just happened for my family and I…

Followed by the NEWS in the Commodities Online newsletter, which I believe will be a monthly and welcome occurence…”Commodities Online is moving forward with our “Premiere” subscribers program. We are pleased to announce we have several subscribers who meet the necessary minimum investment threshold. These members enjoy individual contracts that include longer contract completion times and higher preferred returns.”

Juice, ladies and gentlemen…if you are one of the blessed, have the juice and you want to explore an investment opportunity with preferred high returns, minimal risk…oh, I am still trying to figure out what exactly minimal risk means in participating in pre-sold physical commodities contracts…you will want to contact me so that I can explain the process, rewards and what you could expect down the road.

More news from the newsletter…note to non-believers…Commodities Online is growing and continues to amaze and astound one and all. I am.

“Commodities Online has reached an exceptional milestone, signing up their 500th subscriber after only 10 months of operation. This unprecedented growth comes from our loyal customer base that has seen a history of high returns. Subscribers to Commodities Online are able to access the company website and invest in pre-sold contracts also known as buy-sell agreements.”

“Commodities Online’s commitment to offer the smaller investor a chance to invest in the aforementioned pre-sold contracts has kept pace with the expectations upon which the company was founded. Anyone can see the results of the efforts of the procurement team by accessing the Securities and Exchange Commission website, and searching the company name.”

And more…

I am personally vindicated by the following statement and recall saying something like this 7 – 8 months ago…

“Every member of the Commodities Online team is excited about the spectacular growth of our subscriber base. This achievement has brought great pride to every member of our company, and is certainly something worth raving about.”

This is just an awesome milestone…look at this guys and gals! >>>>>CONTRACT CORNER

“To date, we have 32 contract offerings that have been completed for which our steadfast subscribers have been paid. The dollar total of these contracts is approximately $7.5 Million and the payout was in excess of $8.5 million, producing an average earning of over 14.5%. As our subscriber base has increased, so has the number and variety of pre-sold contracts being offered.”

I believe that this a phenomenal accomplishment for a start up company not yet a year old…

14.5% Average ROI in little more than 10 months, in low risk, zero speculation pre-sold physical commodities contracts…oh yes… there are higher yielding investment opportunities online, but I have yet to find another that allows me the freedom and peace of mind that I have with Commodities Online.

Investors, diversify your portfolios and look at this investment opportunity in pre-sold physical commodities contracts (“buy/sell contracts”) as a safe, risk mitigated and zero speculation alternative to the usual commodities futures, stock, forex and high yield-high risk gambles that are so prevalent online.

I will be posting a review of my 10 months or so participating as an investor/subscriber with Commodities Online  before year end, and I assure you that you will be blown away at what I have earned, in what I believe, to be the best passive income investment opportunity online today.


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  1. Susan permalink
    2010/12/31 13:57

    Thank you for your review. It’s nice to read something positive on this subject, and or company. The concept to me is superb. I’ve grown and traded agricultural commodities as a cash crop farmer for years and have actually been looking for something such as this without getting into put or call options. You say your going to continue to research and find out more I’d be very interested in reading it.
    Lets all have a great New Year

    • 2011/01/13 10:23

      Thank you Susan,
      If you would like I could give you a call to discuss this opportunity in more depth. I look forward to hearing from you and I thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog. Much appreciated.

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