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Thanksgiving Blessings


I am still researching my next post on alternative passive investments which I will be posting here soon. I felt I just had to make this post today…Doing my once a week check into my Commodities Online back office, to check the news and get a gander at my trading account, which is looking extremely healthy, and I mean extremely, as in WOW! WOW!,WOW! healthy. So far this year I am realising almost a 73% profit – FYI. You know it’s awesome, right?

Anyway, here’s the latest news, forgive me, about a week old…2 messages from admin catch my eye, now you need to know and as I have stated before, it’s not often that anything new is posted on the message board and when there is a post it is usually about, yes, either a new contract for subscribers to participate in or a deal that has closed, always exciting!

Message 1. 11/15/2010 03:40 PM The Iron Ore 10 Contract that closed on 09/07/2010 paid on 11/15/2010 (69 day completion time) at 21%!

Message 2. 11/15/2010 04:18 PM The Lobster 4 Contract that closed on 10/11/2010 paid on 11/15/2010 (35 day completion time) at 7%!

21% Hallelujah!! – I am constantly inspired! Computes to 3% per week!. I don’t believe I spent more than 20 minutes making that happen… Is this phenomenal? Or is it just me?

For the life of me I do not understand why you guys are not seriously getting involved. This is a retirement fund bar none. You simply have to consider the upside here and take the risk, heck, at this rate I am looking at a 110% profit in less than 12 months.

Spoke with Tony Diamante, the marketing director of Commodities Online, last week…and I quote, almost verbatim…”Today we had our best day ever with 6 subscription sales and over 28 for the month so far”. The RISK? Consider this…

Commodities Online is making a simple, ZERO RISK, ZERO SPECULATION Offer. So, you tie up your money for a couple of months…it’s sitting in your bank account making what?

And, if you don’t like the returns…you skeedaddle out of there, all monies intact plus all your profits…

C’mon call or email me if you have questions or concerns, should I not be able to address them I will get you on a call with the CFO, Tim Josselson, the Marketing Director, Tony Diamante or even the CEO, Mike Casy himself…

You owe yourself and your dependents a better life…should you feel you have enough info, that you’re confident to subscribe…make sure you get your access code from me or sign up at

Input the info below and I will send you your personal access code.

My Sales Rep ID: VO30001.
My Office ID: Virtual Office 3 (VO3).

Until next time…Cheers and be the Blessing!

Derrick Z. Venter
Independent Account Executive
Commodities Online
South Africa – 072) 105 9996 (C)
USA – (954) 785.3388 (O)

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