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Copper Heat


Well, things seem to be heating up at Commodities Online lately and I am impressed with what this company is making available to me and fellow subscribers…another Copper contract participation was announced today, the second in as many months…the first one, posted on Sept, 7th. with a preferred 33% rate of return in approximately 100 days, that would be a payday on around about the 16th. of December…Just in time to go Christmas shopping.

Oh Shoot!!! While I like the pay out date and the fact that I am making a “GREAT” profit for a few mouse clicks and perhaps 30 minutes of my time back in September on the first Copper contract, I feel a little distressed at perhaps not having the opportunity to participate in the latest Copper offering…You see, the contract closes on Nov. 26th. which means, I will have to source funds from somewhere else to participate, and that goes against my investment strategy, so carefully defined by my conscience…Rule #1: Do Not Ever Put All Your Cash Into One Cash Cow! Was that Buffet, Branson or Trump?

If you have been sitting on the fence, now is the time to take action…a $100K investment is going to pay you approx. $33K in Feb. 2011 which will take care of all the Holiday spending you did, heck, might even pay your tax bill…

It all bodes well folks, it was a rather bumpy and at times, anxiety and nerve wracking process in the beginning with Commodities Online. If you go back to my early posts, circa March 2010, you are bound to conclude that this was an ill fated venture, one that was doomed from the get go…hey, there is still some negative stuff out there on the Net, easy enough to find, just Google Commodities Online and you will surely see it all…detractors, please note, 28 closed deals, 100% subscriber retention, payouts within 48 hours of close of contract, new offerings, happy investors and the sky ain’t falling.

I am happy and I must say, proud of the management team who have endured and faithfully followed their vision, in creating a truly low speculation, simple and risk averse passive investment vehicle for anyone, anywhere, who can turn on a computer. As I have stated in earlier posts and in defence of the management team, I know these people, have been friends with and worked with them in various capacities, going on 10 years, and I applaud them for persevering…I believe Commodities Online will be the benchmark for safe, secure, simple and NO remorse passive investing.

If you are new to my blog and you are looking for a place to stick some cash with fantastic returns I recommend you take a look at Commodities Online…it’s ridiculously simple, a really boring no brainer with high ROI!!!

My next post, is more than likely going to be on the bull ride, rollercoaster, nail biting, sleepless nights, brain searing, mind blowing, adrenalin junkie, addictive winner/loser gamble investment practice referred to as HYIP…High Yield Investment Programs…I will reccomend 1 or 2 that are consistent, question is…Do you have the nerve?

Oh, almost slipped my mind…Commodities Online has a sweet offer for those adoring husbands and boyfriends that just love to spoil their wives/girlfriends/mistresses…Get your gal a 6 month Commodities Online subscription for $2000, fund the account with a couple of $Million with these conditions in place;

  1. She has to spend an hour a month to log into the account for maintenance.
  2. She is not to touch the principal other than contract participation buy in.
  3. The principal carries a 10% per annum interest rate payable to you in cash.
  4. She can spend only the profits, which, by the way, run 80 to 120% per annum…depending on the contract payouts participated in. At least, that’s what I am seeing this year…a beautiful thing, indeed.

C’mon guys, this is truly a gift that keeps on giving, and then some…

Here’s the deal…

Holiday Gift Certificates Available with a gift for you!  Share the Commodities Online Experience with your loved ones and get a gift in return! The first 50 people to buy a Commodities Online gift certificate for a 6-month subscription will receive a $250 American Express gift card! Contact Me, Derrick Z. Venter for details.

FOOTNOTE: In order to participate in a Commodities Online subscription you will need an access code that you get from me at or Skype me at dzventer.


Sign Up Here

Use this information to complete you sign – up and I will send you the access code…
My Sales Rep ID: VO30001.
My Office ID: Virtual Office 3 (VO3).

I am available to answer questions, alleviate concerns, advise and at times, participate in innocuous banter.

Till next time, Cheers, Chin Up, Be Thankful, Life’s good and remember to give something to charity.

Derrick Z.

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