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Diversify Passively


Given that Commodities online is a slow, boring process and does not make for a whole buncha excitement…you know, like gambling in the futures markets, I have been looking at, researching and doing extensive due diligence on several alternative passive investment opportunities that I would like to share with you. I love Commodities Online, this company has served me exceedingly well over the past few months, but lets face it…one needs to diversify a little every now and then, go out on a limb carefully, so to say.

So, with some earnings in hand, I have been nosing and poking around in a few safe, secure and low speculative opportunities online.

I confess and state emphatically that I am not an expert at any of this stuff, but I do know how to do “dig deep” due diligence, something I learnt and practiced in my investment real estate days, oh, my kingdom!!!… for the heads up on the disaster that, that became. Anyway, due diligence, important stuff if you are going to play the investor game and that goes for ANY investment that you consider.

I guess, a natural progression would be to look at other opportunities, and from now on I will be posting and talking about some of those that I feel may be of benefit to you guys. I will, of course be keeping you updated on Commodities Online as well, as this will probably always be an avenue that I will pursue.

Further more, and catergorically stated here…In most cases, I am probably an affiliate to the opportunities that I present here…meaning, I get paid if and when you sign up…this in no way should prohibit you from taking a look at the opportunity, formulate your own ideas…do your due diligence. Think of this as an introduction to opportunities that may interest you, giving you an insight as to the possibilities that are out there.

Beware of to be good to be true and overnight sensation millions in your bank account offers…they are, for the most part, absolute BULLS…t! There is a psychology used by scam artists and internet marketers in general…appealing to one’s desperation, ego, presumptions, naiviete, laziness, desires and grandiosity…images of huge yachts, lamborghinis, mansions and hot babes are exactly that…frikkin images, mind retarding, foolish notions will remove your hard earned cash from your pocket…


I would really appreciate feedback and your own ideas about good passive investing opportunities…ask a lot of questions about anything that you look at…I do.

Feel free to chat with me on skype…remember, I am in Africa now…

Come back, subscribe to my blog, email me, stay in touch…get my FREE report on Commodities Online, get involved, make money safely…Join my team, I would love to have you on board…

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