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A Boring Investment


It’s been some time since I last posted here and I must confess, it’s just been a hectic time for me since arriving back in South Africa after so many years away. So, apologies, for my neglect, and now that I have I have implemented a time management schedule, I will be more prolific here, keeping you updated about the happenings and progress at Commodities Online.

As you may know, COLLC has not been without controversy since the company launched and the aftermath is still cause for ambivalence and suspicion, and so it goes…

That said!…here’s the continuing “great news”. Commodities Online has now completed 25 contracts since inception; the subscriber base is still growing, phenomenally, in fact. Commodities Online has expanded contract offerings to participate in, posting 3 or more at any given time, Where once, a few months, ago only fish or seafood were offered, now you see, lobster, iron ore, and copper. The management team continues their endeavour to source and provide high yielding, mitigated risk, quick closing and zero speculation investment opportunities.

See the most recent closed contracts below…made me happy!

Date / Time: 10/15/2010 12:03 PM
From: administrator
Subject: Iron Ore 8 Contract Payout
Message: The Iron Ore Contract that closed on 08/06/2010 paid on 10/15/2010 (71 day completion time) at 21%!

Another boringly low risk “FABULOUS” passive investment deal!

Date / Time: 09/30/2010 11:43 AM
From: administrator
Subject: Iron Ore 7 Contract Payout
Message: The Iron Ore 7 Contract that closed on 07/22/2010 paid on 09/30/2010 (70 day completion time) at 22%!

And another…

Date / Time: 09/24/2010 12:22 PM
From: administrator
Subject: Lobster 2 Contract Payout
Message: The Lobster 2 Contract that closed on 08/20/2010 paid on 09/24/2010 (35 day completion time) at 7%!

I got paid on each within 48 hours of them closing…did not lose any sleep either. Investing with Commodities Online is the most boring investment I have ever participated in and I love it.

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