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A Laughing Stock?


Well, Hello Again,

It’s been some time since I last posted here and I am excited to be back. I have, as of today, Thursday July 1st, 2010, set up an office in Cape Town, South Africa and will be here for a few months laying the groundwork for a Commodities Online network which I believe is going to be phenomenal for the future of the company. I will be looking to expand Commodities Online investor subscriptions and perhaps source commodities directly for future contract participations.

Yes, I have been swept up in the World Cup frenzy and I hope I can clear my schedule to see the final in Johannesburg, hoping Germany is in that game. Anyway, I am really excited about the headway Commodities Online is making and below is the latest news alert from corporate.

In order to provide investors with more certainty with regard to payouts of targeted rates of return on contract participations, the Company is making the return a “preferred return”. This means that there will be a fixed percentage return rather than a projected range of returns. Instead of sharing in profits with the Company on a 60/40 split, the fixed targeted rate of return to investors will be paid first out of available profits, with the Company receiving only whatever profits are left over, even if that means that the Company receives no share of the profits.

Michael R. Casey, President of Commodities Online LLC, said: “This is a significant enhancement for our investors. Assuming sufficient profits are available on any particular contract to pay this ‘preferred return’ to investors, they will be in a more secure position with regard to their expectations of profitability on any particular contract. Our goal is to increase the confidence of investors in our unique business model.”

Commodities Online LLC is a private company in the commodities wholesaling business, with offices in many locations across the United States. Commodities Online LLC offers a confidential subscription service through its web site to qualified investors wishing to participate in contracts for commodities such as fish, rice and metal ores.

Visit: for more information.

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  1. 2010/07/01 20:32

    Hello Derrick,

    Thanks for the good news about the continued earnings.

    Are you privy to know when the 6-2-2010 Iron Ore contract will complete? I suspect that it should be anytime now. I wished I could have rolled-over into the 6-28-2010 contract but it does look like we may be able to catch the next contract scheduled to begin on July 8.

    Keep them coming,

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