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7.72% Profit! Averages?

Mr. Michael Casey


That’s 7.72% Profit in Less Than 30 Days Folks!!!

Fort Lauderdale, FL, June 8, 2010 – Michael R. Casey, Esq., President, CEO & General Counsel of Commodities Online LLC is pleased to announce successful completion of fourteen (14) contracts in the first full three (3) months of operation.

Seven (7) Tuna and seven (7) Red Snapper contracts have closed yielding an average of 7.72% return.  The average turnaround time / completion for each contract was 21 days.  Payout to investors was within two (2) days of completion of each contract.

“Our goal is happy investors.  We can confidently say that we have achieved that goal.  We have consistently met our targeted rates of return and contract completion time as advertised to our subscribers.  We look to the remainder of the year for substantial growth in the number of subscribers, as word of mouth of this fabulous opportunity spreads, and consequently more happy investors.” Michael R. Casey, Esq.

Commodities Online LLC is a private company in the commodities wholesaling business, with sales offices in 26 locations across the United States.  Commodities Online LLC negotiates “pre-sold” or “buy/sell” cash commodities contracts and joint venture agreements.  Its management has established relationships with producers and with distributors/buyers, which are key to the business model.  Commodities Online LLC offers a confidential subscription service through its website to qualified investors wishing to participate in contracts for commodities such as fish, rice, and metal ores.

Visit: for more information

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