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Keeping it simple…


Greetings, a sunny, hot and muggy day here in S.Florida, it’s getting to that time of year that makes me want to move, it is “brutal”, as an associate of mine likes to say. Talking about heat and such…I refer to my participation in the recently closed iron ore contract by Commodities Online, June 4Th., All I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW!!! I am stoked by the ease, simplicity and the PROFIT.

That being a fact and not having ever been interested in the stock market, futures, etc…I thought, let me check that out, research and investigate, let me do a comparison chart of sorts. I wanted to see how the Commodities Online method compared to all the other stuff out there. I googled, “how to trade commodities online”…You should do it too, in the blink of an eye Google popped – About 9,710,000 results (0.31 seconds) Almost 10 million records…WOW!

I thought, somewhere in those 10 mill or so websites there has to be an explanation and advice on how to trade commodities, a safe and secure, low risk proven way to benefit and profit without having to go back to school, buy a slew of tapes, books, DVD’s, attend countless seminars, read charts, learn how to read charts, research, resources, etc, etc, etc.

And like most of us, I looked at no more than the first 3 pages of my Google search. (BTW. By the way, I learned yesterday in the internet marketing program that I signed up for about a week ago, which is phenomenal, that the other approx 9 million other pages on Google really don’t matter in the internet marketing world…more on that later.)

Here’s what I found…


At this website –

Here –

Here –

On and on, website after website, hundreds of experts, opinions, advice, testimonials, it was…like a brain freeze…you know, when you drink something really, really cold and it feels like your brain just froze, painful.

Let me say this, if you have a gambler streak in you, if you thrive on anxiety, if you’re one for drama, if you have millions of dollars to play with, if you have time on your hands, if you have the stomach for uncertainty…there are millions of traders out there that are standing by to “HELP” you…I noted several commonalities on almost every website I looked at…”Learn how the PROS trade, be prepared to take some losses, heavy losses, analyze, analyze and analyze, research, hope, greed, fear, experience, knowledge, learning curve, tutorials, books, DVD, seminars, danger, listen to the market, uh-oh, what does that mean?

There is so much information out there on “How To”, it’s mind-boggling and I surmise, can cost you a fortune in time and money. Nevertheless, it is out there, my first concern would be…who to trust, which company or guy do I go with? ”Brutal”. More research???

Listen, I’m not saying it doesn’t work, it’s just not for me…I understand that there are huge amounts of money to be made in traditional commodities trading, I know people that have, I also know of people that have lost it all, way before they even had a REAL opportunity to benefit.

Frankly, this Real Estate market we are in, you know, this one here in S. Florida and through out the USA, the one that I invested in heavily…Yes, that real estate market that could not collapse, caused me anxiety, fearfulness, strife in my personal and familial relationships, untold problems and heartache…best thing that I got out of it was experience. You can keep the other stuff. Confidently, I say that I am RISK averse…

Here’s why I love Commodities Online LLC…Step by step…You need a cup of coffee or a beer, a credit card or online bank transfer capability and lots of patience…Go to – Complete sign up form – Be sure to put in my name, Derrick Z. Venter as your Sales Rep and my email address: Thanks.

1. Subscribe – 6 month subscription – $2,000 – Get Access to Corporate website back office.
2. Log in to your back office and fund trading account – Minimum $5,000 – No Max.
3. Peruse pre – sold physical commodities contracts (Buy/Sell Contracts)
(At this early stage there are perhaps 2 – 3 to choose from – real simple.)
4. Choose a contact to participate in – Allocate Funds to contract of choice.
(All contracts clearly state targeted profits – 5% – 16% depending on type of commodity)
(All contracts clearly state expected turn around and completion date, historically in less than 30 days)
5. Log out.
6. Wait…this is the really boring part.
7. In a few weeks you get an email – your contract closed!
8. Get Champagne…Log in. Read the News. Click your contract. Click Reallocate.
POP! Your account updated with initial investment plus your share of the profit.
9. Log out.

Do It Again.

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