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Iron Ore JV Partnership


Mr. Michael Casey, CEO of Commodities Online LLC is pleased to announce a JV partnership with a 4-year-old working iron ore mine located in Mexico near the Port of Manzanillo

Alfred Knight Analysis – 64% – 66% purity
Predominantly Magnetite Iron Ore – Capacity is 300,000 MT per month.

Organized in January of 2010, Commodities Online is a private company in the commodities wholesaling business, with sales offices in 27 locations across the United States. Commodities Online and its affiliates negotiate “pre-sold” or “buy/sell” cash commodities contracts and joint venture agreements.

Commodities Online offers a confidential subscription service through its website for qualified investors who wish to participate in contracts for commodities such as fish, rice, and metal ores. As the subscriber base grows, a larger assortment of commodities contracts will become available through this subscription service. Participating in these contracts allows individual investors the opportunity to earn attractive risk-adjusted returns without having to manage such contracts or commit large amounts of capital.

Commodities Online does not charge investors a commission on their contract participations. Instead, Commodities Online shares in the profits on the commodities contracts. In this way, the interests of the investors and Commodities Online are aligned: if the investors do not profit from a particular commodities contract, then neither does Commodities Online.

Although a new company, the management and affiliates have established relationships with producers and with distributors/buyers, which are key to our business model. Commodities Online was created to enable investors access to the incredible and reduced risk opportunities in the world of pre sold physical commodities.

Commodities Online is seeking end users for the iron ore and welcomes inquiries from principals.

Visit my Blog and watch the 10-minute video on how easy it is to make 5% – 12% profits on your investment every month in a reduced risk, almost ZERO speculation investment opportunity.

Contact Derrick Z. Venter at 954.213.2541 for details.


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