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Commodities Online LLC Appoints New CEO

Mr. Michael Casey

Newly Appointed CEO for Commodities Online LLC

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – May 4, 2010 – Commodities Online LLC today announced the appointment of attorney Michael R. Casey as its new Chief Executive Officer, President and General Counsel. Mr. Casey, a graduate of Duke University Law School, has more than 30 years of experience in broad range of corporate, finance and securities matters and has been outside counsel to Commodities Online LLC since its inception.

James Howard, one of the founders of Commodities Online LLC, is stepping down from his management position in order to devote more time to other business and personal matters. Mr. Howard will remain in a consulting relationship with Commodities Online LLC and will continue to provide the company with the benefit of his many years of experience in the commodities business.

Mr. Howard feels that Mr. Casey has the business and technical experience necessary to lead the company into the next phase of its growth: “In working with Mr. Casey, I have come to appreciate his honesty and integrity, along with his intelligence, experience and business savvy. I am confident that he can lead our management team and protect our investors as Commodities Online LLC continues its rapid growth.”

Organized in January of 2010, Commodities Online LLC is a private company in the commodities wholesaling business, with sales offices in 27 locations across the United States. Commodities Online LLC and its affiliates negotiate “pre-sold” or “buy/sell” cash commodities contracts and joint venture agreements. Commodities Online LLC offers a confidential subscription service from its sales offices and through its website for qualified investors who wish to participate in contracts for commodities such as fish, rice, and metal ores. As the subscriber base grows, a larger assortment of commodities contracts will become available through this subscription service. Participating in these contracts allows individual investors the opportunity to earn attractive risk-adjusted returns without having to manage such contracts or commit large amounts of capital.

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  1. 2010/05/12 19:46

    From crops to coal, cattle to hogs, commodities are very adordable investments.

    • Cathy permalink
      2010/05/25 12:50

      What does that have to do with Howard stepping down and Casey taking his place? Please explain….

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