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Commodities Online LLC Opens 27th Office..


4/30/2010 – Pompano Beach, FL, United States.

Commodities Online LLC, head quartered in Fort Lauderdale Florida opens its 27th office in the USA in less than 2 months. This innovative new start up company, in business since early February 2010, is seeing phenomenal growth and is looking to aggressively expand their subscriber base of investors.

A unique and cutting edge company, Commodities Online LLC provides training for investors that want to participate in, and profit in the physical commodities markets and offers a web-based portal providing training & informational services about the physical commodities markets.

The company primarily provides a subscription service that allows investors online access to participate and profit in purchase opportunities in Pre-Sold Physical Commodities Contracts.

Fundamentally, Commodities Online LLC is a wholesaler or contract intermediary between producers and buyers of commodities, securing buyers for their contracted consumables and then offering to its subscribers an opportunity to buy a position into the contract resulting in a share in the profits for the subscriber/investor.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced investor, Commodities Online, LLC will show you how to make money again & again in the commodities markets without having to scrutinize charts, read reports, broker services or whether commodities markets are rising or falling.

The company targets 5% – 12% returns on each pre-sold contract which usually turn around in less than 30 days. Investors that have taken the relatively low risk opportunity are ecstatic at what seems to be the norm – a minimum 7% return in an average of 18 days.

For more information on how you can benefit from this phenomenal reduced risk opportunity please visit the links below.

sign up for more info with derrick z. venter

Derrick Z. Venter sign up for more info link

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