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Why & How?


My response to several readers questions….”Quite simply & assuming that you know the term “physical commodities” applies to consumables, IE; sugar, coffee, rice, tuna, oil, jet fuel, gold, etc…products that are traded every day over & over again”.

A producer of sugar has a $1M shipment to be sold, COLLC, through their database, secures and contracts a buyer for …say $1.3M….COLLC then purchases the sugar with their subscribers pooled cash, oversees delivery & collects the 1.3M which is then dispersed accordingly (investment amount plus a prorata share of the profit) to each subscriber who purchased a position in the contract. For most commodities the turn around time is less than 30 days.

Assume 10 subscribers initiated a purchase in the contract of $100,000 each, upon payment they would receive back their $100K plus a 10% share in the profit – $30K for a 30% ROI. OR 100 investors at $10K each paid out $3K each plus initial $10K purchase. For most commodities the turn around time is less than 30 days.

As an investor, your money (A trading account is set up with COLLC) is pooled with other investors for a specific commodity. (Actual contracts are posted on a private web portal for the investors to preview & decide whether they want to participate). Once the purchase amount is fulfilled by the subscribers, COLLC will then purchase said commodity but, & this is very important to understand, the risk factor is mitigated in that COLLC will only purchase said commodity after a buyer is secured, effectively acting as a wholesaler.

COLLC will have a qualified & committed buyer in place to take delivery & pay for the commodity. COLLC is paid by the buyer upon delivery & within a few days COLLC will deposit your investment PLUS your share of the profits back into your trading account. As simple as that….

The principals & management of COLLC have over 30 years of experience in commodity trading worldwide, hence they have relationships with both suppliers & buyers of a wide variety of products. You know that the saying…”Its who you know….” holds true when it comes to doing deals, especially the lucrative ones.

The idea to open this market to allowing almost anyone with disposable income to participate was born several months ago by way of a private investment club of about 200 investors, that had been set up by the founder of COLLC, Mr. James Howard. Essentially the club worked like a commodity pool operator, the difference being that the club did not speculate in futures trading but bought positions in pre-sold contracts that were facilitated by COLLC. The thinking is that with a 10 thousand investors with a minimum $5.000 investment would allow for bigger and more profitable deals to be executed & of course the more subscribers participating would benefit COLLC as a purchaser & player in the market. The vision of COLLC is to actively pursue hi-profit commodities like jet-fuel & gold, in order to do so COLLC needs access to vast sums of cash.

Currently, deals being executed are under $5M & more than likely fish, like tuna or red snapper. These deals are executed in 15 – 22 days and so far, the lowest ROI recorded is 7%….Now, if you can do this 1 time a month, every month….month after month……You see where I am going with this…don’t you? While there are no guarantees that this will be the case each & every time, we target a minimum return of between 5% & 12% per deal, otherwise…why bother?

We are very excited about the future of this company, & of course being new has it’s problems & detractors, that said, we have set up more than 20 brick & mortar offices in less than 45 days, our subscriber base is growing by word of mouth quite nicely & I am working at informing people about this great opportunity via my blog & email.

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  1. 2010/04/15 01:43

    I made my first investment with this company today and I feel very fortunate to have been given the privilege and the opportunity to earn a passive income derived from their efforts. I cannot wait to collect and reinvest over and over again. Thanks again for giving me renewed hope in reaching my financial goals.

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