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What Is Commodities Online?


What is Commodities Online  (COL)

Fundamentally, Commodities Online is a web-based portal providing educational informational services regarding the exciting world of the physical commodities markets. The secondary function is a subscription service that allows you online access to participation opportunities in physical commodities contracts & sales.

The COLweb portal will showcase the tools necessary to teach independent investors how to easily access and purchase physical commodities contracts directly from the source.

This innovative and pioneering company will educate you and open the door to the lucrative world of purchasing physical commodities contracts. All this can be done from the convenience of your home or office. website is the newest and best opportunity for you to share in the world of physical commodities by purchasing participation’s in contracts on such items as fish, rice, gold, corn and fuel, some of which have shown phenomenal price increases in the past 12 months. Commodities Online will give you, the independent investor, access to financially participate in PRE – SOLD physical commodities contracts for much less than would ordinarily be required.

Commodities Online does not sell or trade Futures Contracts.
Commodities Online is not a brokerage, escrow or trading company.

These acquisitions are not derivatives, FOREX trades or commodities traded on the Chicago Mercantile exchange or the New York Stock Exchange.

COL sells information on how YOU, THE INDEPENDENT INVESTOR can learn how to purchase physical commodities through pre-sold physical commodities contracts.

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